“Eighteen months ago I bought my dream house. There was just one major problem; the previous owner had taken this once fabulous 1961 traditional home and made it very, very modern. After months of talking to various designers and visiting dozens of furniture stores it became apparent I needed help. My initial design choices were terrible! In walked Tracy Hutson – and right away she declared, ‘Joe, it needs to be turned back into the house it once was’. I was skeptical of this new proposal. I had gone the “all-modern” route and my home was frankly…ugly. Tracy presented me with concepts and ideas and over the course of several months transformed my home into a beautiful and comfortable living space, which in my humble opinion, is of the quality one would see in the pages of Architectural Digest. Tracy is the best. Her taste is impeccable and she constantly strives to save you money. Book her fast!”

– J.M. (Tarzana, CA)

“Tracy came in and worked on my first home in Venice. I don’t have the eye to decorate or know where to put pieces. She looked at what I had and shifted everything so that it all worked together. I had a sculpture that I couldn’t figure out what to do with and almost got rid of. Tracy placed it between the dining and living room and it became the piece that married the two rooms together. My husband had a vintage camera collection in our bedroom that I also didn’t know quite what to do with. Tracy found a cabinet and arranged them beautifully in our living room. When people visit they love it and always say something about the cameras. I almost threw them away! When we were thinking about buying our new home I wasn’t sure. It was a fixer upper, and I didn’t even know whether to purchase it or not. I got a hold of Tracy right away, before we placed a bid, and had her look at it. She said yes, it was a great space. She showed me where to push a wall out, where the kid’s art table could go, where to place the couch and TV. Tracy really helped me envision what it could be based on our budget. After we purchased the home it still felt bare to me. Tracy worked with my pieces and showed me a few new pieces at different price points that would work in the space. She found a nice balance between my husband’s and my aesthetics. I can’t believe what our home looks like today!”

– Joe and Yvette Garcia (Westchester / Venice, CA)

“I initially hired Tracy to redo my living room. She transformed it from a room that I was completely over to a room I couldn’t wait to come home to. I gave her my budget, and she worked with it. She was super quick, always on time and completed the job in about a week. I love it, love it, love it! Of course, shortly after that I realized how over my bedroom I was, and rehired her to transform it, too. We have some great art pieces in the house. To me they are all beautiful, but they don’t necessarily fit in every room. Tracy knows what colors to use behind different pieces, and how to hang them. She’s a genius at placement; everything she’s moved looks fantastic. We did it together, but all of the ideas were hers. I really enjoyed the process. The next thing I’m hiring her for is the kitchen. I will only use Tracy. She is awesome, just an A+ personality and talent!”

– Tanya Salinger (Silverlake, CA)

“Tracy is so talented and has a very positive attitude. She’s done work on my home, and I’ve referred her to several of my real estate clients. She is so creative that whatever my clients’ or my wants and needs are, she has always been able to fill them. Every person I’ve referred Tracy to has had only amazing things to say about her, too. That’s important to me because I have a wide range of clients, some very high end, and my referrals are a reflection upon me.  Tracy gave me the designs ideas for my interiors from A–Z and did outside landscaping for my house. I’m very happy with the result. She worked with my budget, and was very conscious of that. She’s a very mindful person. I’ve worked with other designers who try to up-sell me or push their ideas, even when I was clear that’s not what I wanted or liked. No matter what, Tracy always acknowledged my ideas. She takes pride in her work, really enjoys what she does, really listens to people and that all comes out in her end product!”

– Steven Kirshbaum (Venice, CA)